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Aileen | Relationship and Marriage Guidance Counsellor

Relationship and Marriage Guidance Counselling Ipswich
The Havens 70 -72
IP3 9BF Ipswich
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Relationship and Marriage Guidance Counselling Ipswich

My name is Aileen and I am a BACP Integrative Counsellor based in Ipswich providing face to face and online counselling at The Havens IP3 9BF. I welcome both couples and individuals for relationship counselling.

As a BACP Integrative therapist I am trained in different therapeutic schools enabling a tailored therapeutic approach distinctly unique as each client and situation. I offer a safe place where you can talk openly without judgment about anything which is causing you concern now or in the past.

A psychodynamic perspective

I approach therapy from a psychodynamic perspective believing that our past relationships and experiences impact and influence us in our future relationships and life choices. From the time we are born we will experience varients of positive and negative messages which are internatilised and subconsciously reflected upon in our day to day life for guidance. 

An imbalance of judgement and negative messages from our past causes us emotional disharmony, so to protect our vulnerable self we quickly learn to repress and treat these emotions with disregard. Over a period of time though these repressed emotions and negative messages resurface eventually culminating in the damage of our mental health.

This affects our self-esteem causing us deep anxiety, low mood, a poor sense of self and can leave us feeling tired depressed and at times even "unwell". Anxiety and stress can impact heavily on our day to day wellbeing and happiness.

None of us will dance our way through life, there will always be struggles along the way, but how we respond and face these struggles is the key to our inner peace and happiness.

A safe space

We cannot change our past but with professional theraputic support we can find new understanding of our difficult situations enabling us to begin see things from a more positive mindset.

I offer a safe space where you can safely begin your unique therapeutic journey to new understanding, emotional freedom and inner peace. 

I work from a private practice room at The Havens in Ipswich where there is a relaxing client waiting room. A Coffee machine and wash facilites.There is also free client parking.

Get the great life you deserve. I look forward to meeting you.


Online therapy

I offer counselling sessions via the encryped Skype program. Sessions are 45 minutes the same as face to face and both cost £50

If it is your first time dont get anxious. Many of my clients were new to the process, its a great support platform.

I give support every step of the way it is easy once you know how and afterwards you will feel a great sense of achievment.

Skype is great for when you cant find the time to visit the practice it means you dont have to worry about missing an appointment. Many clients who find themselves to busy will have sessions via skype and face to face. They work very well together..

Statement concerning the coronavirus pandemic


I work from a private therapy office with its own reception and rest area.

The rooms are keept spotless and sanatised between clients, hand sanitizers are at reception.
In line with health and safety clients are asked to keep thier distance and the wearing of masks as an added protection is encouraged.

Session rooms and waiting room are aired regulalry during the day and Washroom facilities are cleaned throughout the day.

If you feel unwell on the day of your appoinment and need to cancel your appointment at short notice the 24 hour cancellation policy is wavered.

Qualifications and registrations

  • BACP  Integrative Degree
  • HE    Counselling Psychology
  • Diploma  Counselling Practice and Listening skills

  • NCA  Registered Accredited Integrative Counsellor
  • TCUK Therapy Counselling UK
  • EDBS on the open register



Sessions are 45 minutes the same as face to face and both cost £50


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