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Online couples therapy and counselling
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Online couples therapy and counselling

Hello my name is Anna, and I am passionate about helping people live their lives to their full potential.  I offer a caring and professional service both online via video link or by telephone.


I work with a wide variety of issues, including anxiety, personal development and relationship issues. Together with my professional training and experience, life experience, and qualifications, I offer empathy and common sense to help you explore those issues affecting you right now to help you move toward resolution.

I also offer single session therapy. Single session therapy (SST) may not necessarily last just the one session but it is a very focussed way of working which means getting to the bottom of things very quickly. This type of therapy may be helpful for some issues but not for others. If you think this may suit your needs please get in touch for further information.

In couples counselling there is a recognition that relationships are a lot more difficult and take a lot more energy than any of us like to admit. Communication therefore, needs to work well in order to keep a healthy connection and mutual respect, and the process of therapy allows this growth to take place, in a space carved out specifically for this repair to happen.


I am keen to promote positive change, and research shows that success in therapy depends on the quality of the relationship and the rapport that is built up between a client and a counsellor, rather than the type of therapy. Successful outcomes in online therapy therefore, are similar to outcomes from face to face therapy. 

If you are interested, I offer an initial half hour consultation to clients, which is free. This gives us a chance to meet up before therapy begins. During this time I get to understand better what's going on for you, and you get a better idea of whether I would be a good fit for you. Despite this consultation not being a therapy session, it can give you an idea of what therapy may be like from an online perspective, especially if you have not worked online previously.

I know the first step is often the hardest but be assured that I will do my best to support you throughout the process.

Online therapy

My online way of working is through Video link using Zoom, or telephone counselling should you prefer.

With Online Counselling Clients have found ...


  • their counselling sessions online via zoom, have felt 'surprisingly comfortable’
  • if they were hesitant to try online therapy initially, they found that they enjoyed the freedom online therapy gave them
  • it was beneficial not having to rush to or from appointments in busy traffic
  • they saved time by not having to travel


If you would like to book an appointment please get in touch.

Qualifications and registrations

  • Higher Diploma in Integrative counselling (H.E., H.Dip.Couns Prac.) Level 5
  • Certified Online Counsellor
  • Diploma in Professional Relaxation
  • Certificate in Advanced Clinical Practice in Couples Therapy
  • Single Session Therapy Certificate
  • OCST Certified Practitioner in Online Counselling
  • Diploma in Relaxation Therapy
  • Registered Member (053737) of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy



Registered with

BACP 44333


£50 Individual Therapy (1 hour)

£70 Couples Therapy - with £20 extra for every15 minutes over the hour

£35 half hour session (for individuals already in therapy with me) 

£120 Single Session Therapy (up to an hour and a half)

Availability (Opening hours)

Monday -
Tuesday 11.30am - 8.15pm
Wednesday 11.30am - 8.15pm
Thursday 11.30am - 8.15pm
Friday 11.30am - 8.15pm
Saturday 8.00am - 11.30am
Sunday -


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