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Online couples counselling
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Joanne Searle | UKCP Registered Psychotherapist: Couples & Individuals

Online couples counselling

I have been an individual and couples psychotherapist since 1996. I define intimacy in a relationship as being emotionally open and physically close. The focus of my work is with couples and individuals who are facing challenges in their relationship(s), and/or who recognise the value of therapeutic input to improve their experience of their relationship(s). I do this by supporting my clients in their individual and shared journey to experience true intimacy. 


Since the start of the pandemic and lockdown, I have offered individual and couples therapy, counselling and coaching virtually using Zoom, GoogleMeet and Teams. I find working online can be extremely effective. 

I am currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa, having lived in London for 15 years from 1988-2003. Whilst in London I retrained, from being an Chartered Accountant, as a Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapist. I work with clients globally, mostly in South Africa, UK & Europe and the USA. 

More about me

I am passionate about people finding the love they want and creating relationships that work. Through my own journey of self-discovery and healing, I learned that truly intimate relationships are possible through self-awareness, choice and conscious design. I believe in everyone’s desire and ability to realise their potential. My approach to therapy and coaching is supportive and strengths based.My clients say that I am warm, down to earth and engaging and, at the same time, willing to have robust conversations and be challenging where needed.


I am skilled at identifying the key underlying issue – exploring what is really behind what you are sharing in a coaching session. Clients are inspired and empowered when they get to the core of their issue and find new approaches and possibilities in relationship.


Therapy can make a difference in your life - it transformed my life, my relationships and my work - so I believe in the power of therapy to transform your life completely at every level of your work and relationships. I am experienced in helping people resolve conflict and improve intimacy and communication in their relationships.

Online therapy

I offer individual and couples therapy, counselling and coaching virtually using Zoom, GoogleMeet or Teams. I find working online can be extremely effective.

Qualifications and registrations

I trained as Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapist, from 1994-2002, whilst living and working in London as a Chartered Accountant. I was accredited by the UK Council of Psychotherapy (UKCP, HIP Section). This therapy training at Spectrum in north London, included the Sexuality programme, Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills (PAIIRs) and an Advanced Couples Therapy training, including recovering from affairs. In 2022 I completed a Foundation Certification with Intimacy Coach International which was focussed on sex and intimacy in relationships.



£90 per 50-60 minute session

Availability (Opening hours)

Monday 8h00-16h30
Tuesday 8h00-16h00
Wednesday 8h00-16h00
Thursday 8h00-16h00
Friday 8h00-16h00
Saturday -
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Finding Jo has been a blessing

Finding Jo has been a blessing. We have tried to put our experience into words and hope that this will help you as much as it did us:

Mr Reed:
We approached Jo not knowing what to expect. Jo welcomed us with open arms and gave off a warm reception. Jo helped us to get our relationship and communication back on track and we developed a beautiful relationship where we could talk openly and without judgement. We have taken a lot from Jo and I can't recommend her enough. Jo is kind, patient,very experienced and extremely professional. I am pleased to say we have come out stronger than ever.
If your unsure then let me tell you don't delay, I can honestly say without Jo things would be very different and I am blessed to have met her.

Mrs Reed
Can't recommend Jo enough, she was perfect for what we needed at a time in our relationship where we lost our way a bit.
Was scary biting the bullet and admitting we needed help but Jo put us at ease straight away and weekly zoom calls soon became comfortable.
Thankfully myself and my husband are back on track, more in love than ever and a lot of that is thanks to Jo's guidance.

Thank you Jo you are a special person x

| Taunton | 15 Dec 2023
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