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Online Relationship Counselling

My name is Richard. I am a Gestalt therapist qualifying in 1999. I have worked in many different setting both employed and self employed. I welcome both couples and individuals for (relationship) counselling.

I work online via Zoom. This has intensified since Covid-19. I have found it a very good medium for working that can without a doubt create a good close relationship between client and therapist. This can allow deep exploration of emotions and process.

As humans we are very much relational beings, therefore, in my work how we relate to others, ourselves and our environment is very important. I would take history into account and look at what affects this has today. The body is also important has feelings emotions and how we are with ourselves is remembered and held there. Very much holistic.


Gestalt holds that the self is created in relation with the other. That could be people or the environment as a whole. Therefore we change depending on the 'situation' or where we are or who we are with, ie the boss or the children. We can look at all these aspects and determine where we would like to get to. This presupposes that we can create who we would like to be while maintaining a relationship to the other.


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Online therapy

Online counselling via Zoom

Statement concerning the coronavirus pandemic

Gestalt therapy looks at the situation in which we live. Covid-19 is very much at present part of that situation and therefore it has an impact on us, those around us and our whole environment. It would affect us as individuals in this situation, affecting us all very differently. These are all aspects that can be looked at.

Qualifications and registrations

  • BACP registered
  • BSc Psychology (hons)
  • Diploma Gestalt Therapy
  • Certificate Group Facilitation
  • Certificate Working with Relationships and Couples



£45 per 50 minute session for individuals
£45 per 50 minute session for couples
£60 per hour for families and groups


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