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Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counsellor  - Southend-on-Sea - Sian
Relationship & Couples Counselling Southend-on-Sea

SS1 2TE Southend-on-Sea
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Relationship & Couples Counselling Southend-on-Sea

I offer effective and individualised counselling support for couples and individuals. 

I am based in Southend-on-Sea, Essex and offer the following services:

  • Face to face counselling at a local therapy centre
  • Mobile therapy where after a risk assessment I will visit you in your property and carry out a therapy session in the comfort of your own home.
  • Online therapy
  • Telephone therapy
  • Walk & Talk therapy

I practise an integrative style of therapy, blending relevant theories and models to best suit your needs.

I work in a calm way with open communication. I am not afraid to think outside the box when it comes to connecting with my clients.

I am a firm believer in developing a strong client/therapist relationship. Trust and rapport is important. I practise the core conditions of counselling and pride myself on ensuring that my clients feel safe, listened and respected during their session. 

I follow the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society Framework, As per legislation I have an external supervisor, who I see once a month to further safeguard myself and my clients. I am insured and can provide proof upon request. 

I offer a free initial consultation done via phone or online, this is to discuss your presenting issue in more detail and to allow yourself to ask any questions that you may have.

If you would like to know more or book an initla consultation, or an appointment, please send me a message. 




Online therapy

For the different therapy modes that I offer

Online - I use zoom as my platform. Prior to our first session I will have a telephone consulatation to obtain key details. I will email you my contract and Confidentiality (GDPR) policy. 24 hours prior to your session I will email you the link to use for the session. Each session is 60 minutes long.

Telephone - I will contact you on your given number, I will require an email address so that I can email you the contract and my confidentiality (GDPR) policy. Each session is 60 minutes long.

Face to Face - I operate from a room that I rent from a therpay centre in the centre of town. Prior to our session I will contact you and email you the contract, confidentiality (GDPR) policy and my covid policy. The email will also contain the address and postcode of the counselling room and instructions on how to gain access. Each session is no more than 55 minutes. 

Walk and Talk  - I offer 7 risk assessed routes across the Southend/Leight-on-Sea and Hockley area. If you require walk and talk therapy I will need to do health assessment to ascertin your fitness levels and to see if we would be a good match for walking. I will also need to assess whether your needs would be best suited to online or face to face initially. Your wellbeing is my priority. Prior to our first session I will have a telephone consulatation to obtain key details. I will email you my contract and Confidentiality (GDPR) policy and Covid policy. Each session is 60 minutes long.

Home THerapy - I will contact via phone you and do a home saftey assessment. If that is ok we will organise the date of the first session. I will contact you and email you the contract, confidentiality (GDPR) policy and Covid policy. Each session is 60 minutes long.

Statement concerning the coronavirus pandemic

I have a covid policy in place which forms part of my contract for face to face, home visits and walk and talk therapy sessions.

Qualifications and registrations

    • Certification in Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills Cert Hyp CS
    • Diploma in Counselling Skills and Theory Dip CST
    • Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling Ad Dip Psy C
    • Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling Practise Prof.Dip Psy C
    • Institute of Counselling CPD certificate in Crisis Counselling, Grief and bereavement, couples and counselling.
    • Mental Health First Aider MHFA England
    • Anxious to resilient using breathwork and embodiment 
    • Understanding Trauma MIND
    • NCFE CACHE Level 2 Awareness of Mental Health problems and understanding in children and young person mental health
    • Working with the inner child
    • Basic neuro science of addictions
    • Understanding Sex addiction
    • Bereavement Counselling
    • Level 4 Diploma in Counselling Teenagers and Adolescence
    • Understanding Domestic Abuse

    • LGBTQ awareness workshop for skilled helpers

    • Dealing with Narcissisum
    • Understanding ADHD Current research and practise
    • NCFE CACHE Level 2 Awareness and Understanding Domestic Violence
    • Pet Bereavement
    • Day one Therapeutic Safety with Traumatised Clients
    • Counselling Couples Bundle from Counselling Academy



I specialise in helping people with anxiety, stress, depression, relationship issues, sexual self esteem, anger, self confidence and relaxation. I have worked with victims of domenstic violence and am able to support those that have struggled with their identity after an abusive relationship. 

I am currently expanding my knowledge in helping those diagnosed with ADHD and those caught in a naracisstic relationship. 

I review progress after 6 sessions and aim to reach progress by session 12. It may mean that you need further sessions or that we try dropping sessions to fortnightly or monthly to allow you to try the techniques learnt during the therapy.

Most common issues I support people with:

Relationship communication - together we understand the different ways you communicate and the root cause for this way. We understand the blocks that may be in the communication style and work in a solution focused way to improve and strengthen it.

Betrayals - this can be sexual and physical, emotional or financial. Together we understand the paths that led to the betrayal, the emotions and feeings involved and work on how to move forward.

Family problems - we work on understanding the family structure and the problems that are unfolding within it. We also look at the family structure you were each raised with and see if there is a clash happening. We also look how to work with drivers of everyone in the family (core scripts) and how these may be causing conflict. Finally we look at ways to reframe how situations are viewed so that changes can be made. 

Sexual difficulties - we spend some time understanding who you each are, your wants, needs and desires. We spend time in the past to establish if there is something from the past that could be adding to the present. We come up with a plan of action to help solve or regain control of the problem. 

Loss of identity in a relationship - together we work on understanding who you were and why you feel you are lost. We work with emotions and feelings. This process always starts with 3 questions what do I/we want, why do I/we need it and what do I/we have. We do work on remembering what you love and build from there. 


I charge £60 per session

I offer discount of 10% for NHS and Blue Light workers (upon evidence)

I offer student discount and a discount for those on low income (please speak direct to me to discuss further)

I have a cancellation policy for cancelling a session with less than 24 hours notice. My contract goes into more detail.

Availability (Opening hours)

Monday 7am to 5pm & 8pm to 9pm
Tuesday 7am to 5pm & 8pm to 9pm
Wednesday 7am to 5pm
Thursday 7am to 7pm
Friday 7am to 7pm
Saturday 9am to 3.30pm
Sunday -



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