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27 Wilson Patten St
WA1 1PG Warrington
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Relationship Counselling Warrington

No relationship is ever smooth sailing all the way through and sometimes you reach a point where you need some help to work through relationship issues.


One common problem is (mis)communication. You try to talk to each other, but just end up shouting at each other instead. In this environment neither you, nor your partner are actually hearing what is being said.


By sitting with a couples counsellor you can take the time to express yourself and really hear each other.


In couples therapy we talk about the issues you are experiencing at the moment and how these problems can be overcome. We will also explore your (individual) needs and what you want from the relationship.


Previous clients have often told me “If we hadn’t come to see you, we would have split up by now”. Each time it makes me very happy to hear when couples have found each other again.



Pre-Marriage Counselling

In pre-marriage therapy we can talk about the expectations that you have of each other as life partners and the roles you expect to take in your relationship.


You can talk about the big stuff of life together as a couple and to plan ahead to avoid problems occurring. It’s about checking if you are on the same page, and working out how you are going to compromise when you are not.


It all serves to set you up to know each other at a deeper level and to strengthen your relationship!



About Me

I believe that we are all able to change and so improve our lives – if I didn’t then I wouldn’t be a counsellor. I really love my work and I have seen the benefit of counselling in my own personal life.

I am a fully qualified therapist and a member of the BACP. I have undertaken extra training in working with couples and am going to continue to develop my skills in this area with further training in the near future. 


I offer face to face counselling from my two lovely counselling rooms, located in Warrington and in Northwich. Both locations are central, have great access and facilities for disabled clients and are close to both bus and train routes with parking nearby.

Online therapy

I offer online therapy through a secure and encrypted website. During all sessions you will have my full, undivided attention.


The types on online therapy that I offer are: 


  • Instant messaging: We talk using Instant messaging, typing messages back and forth. 


  • Email therapy: You send me an email sharing whatever you need, and I send a comprehensive reply within 48 hours. 


  • Telephone: We talk on the telephone. I good option if you prefer the telephone to face-to-face session.

Qualifications and registrations

  • Certificate in Counselling Skills at CTC (2012)
  • Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling at CTC. (2015)
  • BA (Hons) in Media and Business Studies


  • Couples Counselling, facilitated by Brian McMinn (2015)
  • Relational Depth, facilitated by Prof. Mick Cooper (2015)
  • Integrative Therapy certificate (2015)




Pre-Marriage counselling course

I also offer a Pre-Marriage counselling course. We start with a questionnaire which you both complete before the first session. This is to identify topics that you may want to talk more about in your sessions. 


We then work together in the first session to plan out the following 5 sessions and to identify which topics are important to you. This individual tailoring makes the programme unique for you.

Member of

registered member of BACP



Couples Session:

(50 minutes) - £60 per session 

(80 minutes) - £80 per session 



Pre-Marriage course:

(7 sessions) – £425 (total)

Availability (Opening hours)

Monday 9am to 10pm
Tuesday 9am to 10pm
Wednesday 9am to 10pm
Thursday 9am to 10pm
Friday 9am to 10pm
Saturday 9am to 10pm
Sunday -


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“It was such a relief to be able to share with someone, for the very first time, who I actually was. It gave me the confidence to share myself with others in my life.”

| 14 jul 2018
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