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Relationship Counselling Preston

The first step is the hardest and the thought of talking is scary, but this is something that takes time to gain confidence in and be comfortable with. 


I will work with you to slowly explore emotional pain, helping you to express how you feel and find comfort from anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse or violence and intrusive thoughts. 


 “Richard has always been easy to speak with, kind and compassionate and offered me really helpful and practical strategies” - TH


To come to therapy as a couple is admirable and shows strength in your relationship and as you as individuals. The space we hold together in the room is yours to explore, I will help guid you and offer reflections on what you are both saying.


The goal is to let you both express feelings and thoughts, helping the other person hear them, maybe for the first time.


 You don’t have to have a specific reason, just the willingness to be open and honest, to help you both find what you need.


"Thank you, thank you, thank you. For the first time I feel I have found myself." – JW


I am a proactive therapist, offering different ways of looking at feelings and situation, this includes challenging you and working with you to develop a deeper understanding of who you are and the boundaries you need and the ones you do not.


"I would recommend you to everyone, I have never had some understand me and easy to talk to before without the BS" - CH


I specialise in working with domestic violence and resolving the conflict this can cause, but I may ask for this to be done separately as well, as domestic violence is complicated and needs to have the right spaces and time.


Thank you for taking the time to read about what I can offer.


IMPORTANT: Please add your phone number, I will text you back, my email sometimes end up in spam



Online therapy

Although we do not share the same space, significant progress can be made. I do ask that when we have a session online or on the phone the space is private and you have time after a session to process. This is done via zoom

Qualifications and registrations

Level 5 Professional Diploma

ACE Awareness

Accredited to the National Counseling Society



Session are set at £90 for 50 minutes

Availability (Opening hours)

Monday -
Tuesday 10am- 8pm
Wednesday 10am- 8pm
Thursday 10am- 8pm
Friday 10am- 8pm
Saturday -
Sunday -


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Great, you are taking the first step.
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