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Online Relationship Counselling

== I am not currently taking on new Clients ==    

Working over Zoom I provide relationship therapy throughout the UK and overseas to english speaking clients. Couples sessions are £70 and Individial sessions are £50. Sessions are available Monday - Wednesday, starting between 10.00am- 5.30pm UKT.


As relationships progress so do the needs, hopes and fears of the people in them. Individuals change over time, different pressures, demands and responsibilities from external sources appear and sometimes it's about the lack of time, money, attention or purpose.


My work with couples is to help make sense of what is happening to them individually and to the relationship. There is frequently a destructive cycle of disapointment or hurt that keeps occurring. Indentifying that cycle and interrupting it provides the potential to replace it with something that is constructive.


I do not take sides, blame or shame. Rather I question and query seeking to widen perspectives and possibilities for change.


Please note I do not work with couples where domestic abuse is still active. In this instance the instigator must first have engaged in individual counselling and stopped the abusive behaviour. Where a personality disorder is impacting on the relationship I would recommend that individual therapy is undertaken first.


My role is not to force an old relationship to work, rather it is to determine if two people can create a new more fulfilling relationship for both. This requires both partners to commit to the process and examine their influence in the relationship

Online therapy

I work with couples throughout the UK as well as expats and English speaking couples overseas. My services are provided subject to UK law and ethical governance as per the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapy.

Working over Zoom which enables couples to either be together or in different physical locations including countries.


Prior to working with a couple I hold an initial review conducted over Zoom for up to 20 mins that is free of charge.


This enables me to understand better what the couple face and the difficulty within the relationship. I am then able to determine if I have the relevant experience and if I am a suitable fit for the couple.


If we all agree to work with each other I then send my counselling agreement, couples questionnaire and client intake form to each person via email.

Sessions are typically held weekly and at the same time. Each client defines what outcome they are seeking from the work. Rapport is quickly established enabling the process to explore and address the rupture in the relationship.


I am an active therapist and coach so that our work together is collaborative. I will ask questions, challenge and share my insights. Where I want to provide information I will share my screen so that you can see diagrams, charts, cycles that I prepare in between sessions.


As individual and relationship outcomes are realised or revised then sessions often go to fortnight before ending.


Qualifications and registrations

  • Transactional Analysis Counselling BA (Hons)
  • Humanistic Counselling Fda
  • Graduate of Couples Institute, couples developmental model
  • Couples Certificate (Basingstoke Counselling Service)
  • Gamcare Gambling training (Options Counselling Service)
  • Anger, Rage and Relationship (Sue Parker Hall) 
  • Gottman Couples Training



All sessions are 50 minutes in duration


Couples session - £70
Individuals session - £50

Availability (Opening hours)

Monday 10.00am-5.30pm
Tuesday 10.00am-5.30pm
Wednesday 10.00am-5.30pm
Thursday Not Available
Friday Not Available
Saturday -
Sunday -



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