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Humanistic & Integrative - Nottingham - Cheryl
Relationship Counselling Nottingham
Ransom Wood Business Park
NG21 0HJ Nottingham
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Cheryl | Humanistic & Integrative

Relationship Counselling Nottingham

My private practice is located within the serene Ransom Wood Park, which is set in acres of woodland on the outskirts of Mansfield. There is plenty of free parking and a café restaurant on site.  My practice is a haven for those looking for tranquillity and respite.

During times of change, both in our own lives and in the wider world, stress can mount, influencing our personal wellbeing and the harmony in our relationships. The strain of financial concerns is a common burden, often manifesting as anxiety, low mood, or discord between partners. As a warm, approachable counsellor, I provide a welcoming space to help individuals and couples navigate these and other challenges, fostering resilience and a path forward together.

What to expect

Beginning counselling can often feel like a significant step on your journey to wellbeing, whether you’re taking this path as an individual or alongside your partner. It’s completely normal to have questions about what this initial session will involve. I want to assure you that my primary goal is to make you feel welcomed, reassured, and comfortable from the moment you reach out.

For Couples: A Joint Journey of Discovery

When counselling couples, the first session is designed to nurture a sense of mutual understanding and cooperation. Both partners will have the chance to voice their perspectives, hopes, and apprehensions. It’s important that each of you feels heard and that the counselling room becomes a neutral ground where you both can speak freely and honestly. We will explore the strengths of your partnership and the challenges you face, with the aim of identifying patterns that may be contributing to difficulties. I will guide you through this process with empathy and support, helping to foster open communication between you and your partner.

A Foundation of Trust and Comfort

For all clients, individuals, or couples, the initial session lays the foundation of our therapeutic relationship. It’s important to me that you leave this first meeting feeling heard, understood, and hopeful about the journey ahead. You’ll find that my approach is personable and down-to-earth. I don’t just hear you; I truly listen, aiming to understand not just the words you say but the feelings and experiences behind them. It is my commitment to you to create an environment where you feel valued and validated.

A Step Forward

As you take this step forward, remember that counselling is a process, and it starts with a single, supportive conversation. In this space, every emotion is welcome, and every story matters.


The first step can be the hardest. Contact me for an initial, confidential chat. When you’re ready, you can reach me by using the contactform on this website.

Online therapy

In my online practice, I use Zoom mainly, but I can also work on the phone. 

I will arrange a date with you both for our session, and the morning before the agreed appointment, I will send a Zoom link to you both. You will both log in and you can either sit together or work in separate rooms. The beauty of this is that it is suitable for those clients where one or both work away and can log in from anywhere in the world.providing they have an internet connection . This ensures the continuity and effectiveness of the work.

The initial session will be an hour to assess the issues that you are struggling with within the relationship. I may suggest a separate session for each of you, again depending on the assessment.

If you decide to continue with me, I use the first 2 or 3 sessions to establish background to the relationship and each partner. This enables me to begin directing the ongoing work in the right direction. 

You will find me empathic, non judgemental but also a bit challenging :-). Particularly of those behaviours that are no longer working for you as a couple. There will be tasks and a little homework, But you will be encouraged to be open and brave enough to share your feelings in the safe and confidential space that I present for you.

Qualifications and registrations

My Qualifications

  • BSc(Hons) Degree in Humanistic and Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • CPCAB Award in Introduction to Counselling Skills
  • Diploma in Couple Counselling Skills
  • Advanced Certificate in Clinical Supervision Including Online and Telephone Working


Most common issues I support people with:

Communication frequently emerges as the central challenge for many couples. Couples may go through the motions of listening without truly understanding each other.

I often support couples who feel they’ve drifted apart, whether due to the pressures of family life or because of an indiscretion from one or both partners. My aim is to guide you towards rediscovering the connection you both aspire to have in your relationship.

Some couples have forgotten how to be loving attentive, and caring partners. Sometimes the intimacy has faded as a result of a multitude of reasons. I help you both to talk about this is a non threatening or embarrassing way to bring that spark back.

I work with the relationship between you and our work together is designed to nourish the less nourished parts in you both to bring it back to helath. 


And for couples uncertain about their future together, it's perfectly fine. I provide a sensitive environment where you can voice thoughts that might be difficult to articulate, facilitating an open dialogue about your shared path forward.


I charge £70 per session

Availability (Opening hours)

Monday -
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Wednesday 11am - 7pm
Thursday 11am - 7pm
Friday 11am - 7pm
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