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Psychotherapist - Couples & Individuals  - Wilmslow - Carol
Couples Counselling Wilmslow
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Couples Counselling Wilmslow

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If you can I would always recommend coming to couples therapy before absolute crisis point. I also realise that couples work can feel even more challenging, scary than individual therapy. You might feel more vulnerable as ther person you are in difficulty with is sat opposite you, rather than talking about them. it can feel more raw & painful. 

It can also feel more rewarding & special, because you have that person sat opposite you. 

I work with couples UK wide. For face to face sessions I have a base in Wilmslow which is great for South Manchester & Cheshire. I also work online over Zoom across the rest of the UK with a particular focus on online sessions across Surrey, Kent, Sussex & London areas. I also work online with couples across Europe. The first session is 55 minutes & subsequent sessions are 1 hour 25 minutes. I also offer private couples therapy days and weekends, further details below.

Imago Couples Therapy

COUPLES WORK; The work I do with clients is based in Imago Couples Therapy (ICT). Imago is the latin for ‘image’ and is the term used for the unconscious image we hold for our potential partner, the ‘unconscious image of familiar love.’ Imago was introduced by Harville Hendrix and helps couples understand why they were attracted to each other, teaches them about the stages of a relationship and helps them understand how they got in to difficulty. It provides knowledge, tools and resources to have a different and better relationship, improved connection, a new way of communicating and an understanding of each other’s feelings, experiences and wounds.

I work with the Imago Dialogue process which provides a safe space to develop understanding, communication, validation and empathy. I really believe in the Imago process and see the difference working in this way with the client being the relationship itself and the understanding and communication being between the couple, as opposed to directed at the therapist. This also entails noticing how the body is responding.

I am an experienced couples therapist and within the Imago structure I am classed as an Imago Couples Therapist in Training, trained to level 1 and 2 clinical skills. For couples the first session is 50 mins and for subsequent sessions you will need to book 2 x 50 min slots.

COUPLES THERAPY INTENSIVES; For these you will need to book an initial 55 minute session for one or both of you to come and discuss. During this initial intro session we will talk through your current situation and determine the level and depth of crisis or the focus. We can then talk about whether a 1 or 2 day intensive will be suitable. The intensive days are held at your home or a location of your choice and are a chance for you to both attend to the crisis immediately. They can be equivalent for 2-4 months of single therapy sessions. During these sessions you will also learn tools and education from the Imago Couples Therapy model along with theory from Transactional Analysis psychotherapy and somatic body therapy. 

About me

PASSIONATE ABOUT; I am passionate about helping people understand why they think, feel and act the way they do, to understand the root of it all and to gain awareness about how they relate to themselves and others. Helping people get unstuck is a great feeling. I believe that the body holds so much information and is key to effective therapy. I am fascinated about the connection between body-mind-emotions-lifestyle-experiences and see inner child work as so integral. I think about relationships a lot! And believe we are relational beings, if the wound is created in relationship then healing should come from relationship. 

WHAT I AM NOT; If you are looking for me to fix your relationship. Couples therapy is hard work & need time, work & effort put in, by you. I will hold the space & guide you both, I will offer insight & education, I will provide you with tools & resources & skills. The rest is down to you. I am not there with you both for the rest of the fortnight or between sessions, it is for you both to learn & practice & to take what you have learnt out of the sessions in to your relationship. For couples I direct and facilitate the work to be between you both and not me as central; Imago therapy is couple centric as opposed to therapist centric & as such the communciation if between you both.

THERAPY FOCUS; The three pillars of my work are Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy, Imago Couples Therapy and Somatic Body Therapy. Across this I work relationally and / or with a trauma focused approach.

If you would like to know more or book an appointment, please get in touch. 


Online therapy

Counselling over Zoom

Qualifications and registrations

I am an experienced couples therapist & started training in Imago in 2017. I have then gone on to Level 1 & Level 2 Imago Clinical Skills in 2023. Within the Imago structure I am classed as an Imago Therapist in training with sign off of accreditation expected by Jan 2024 once I have supported the facilitation of an Imago GTLYW workshop. 



  • Level 4 Diploma in ‘Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy from an Integrative Perspective’ from The Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy
  • 101 Transactional Analysis Certificate 
  • Imago Couples Therapy - Level 1 & Level 2 Clinical Skills 
  • Certificate in Trauma Focused Therapy


  • Certificate in Taking Therapy Outside - Understanding Therapeutic Practice in Outdoor Natural Spaces
  • Taking Therapy Online 
  • Advanced Wilderness Therapeutic Interventions 
  • Somatic Body Therapy
  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy



  • The Inner Child from Various Perspectives 
  • Working with Trauma: The Fundamentals
  • Attachments and How They Change Across the Lifetime 
  • Courageous Conversations in Clinical Supervision
  • Autism is Not a Personality 'Disorder':  Misdiagnosis and Stigma


  • Working with Depression and TA
  • Exploring Personality Adaptations in Relationships
  • Habitual Worry, Repetitive Fantasizing, and Obsession
  • Nurturing Mums: Supporting & Understanding Post Natal Care
  • Childhood Sexual Abuse: The Body Keeps The Score


  • Anger Rage & Relationship 
  • Sex and Sexual Problems
  • Shame, Sex, and the Body
  • Growing up with Shame: Children of Shame
  • Subtle Poison of Shame: How We Unwittingly Hurt Each Other & Pass Shame on


  • Boarding School Survivors Support Conference 2021
  • Relational Methods in TA Psychotherapy & Counselling
  • 7 Keys for Working Successfully w/ Men in Therapy
  • The Neuroscience of Being in a Couple 
  • Integrating the Body  - Neuroscience
  • Introduction to the Nervous System  - Neuroscience



I offer low, mid & full level cost sessions dependent on income & situation. Please get in touch to discuss.

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