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(Online) Couples Counselling North London

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Alicia | Relationship Therapist

(Online) Couples Counselling North London

Please Note: I only work online.

Hello and a warm welcome to my profile, wherever you are. I am a Relationship Therapist, although I do work with individuals as well.

I now work solely online.

First of all I want to acknowledge that this might feel a bit daunting - taking steps towards finding the right therapist for you and another person in your life. So it's important that I say here that I always aim to provide a warm, non-judgemental space. Furthemore I admire people who honour themselves and their relationships so as to seek guidance and support.


I have been working as a counsellor with individuals since 2006 and have since trained in relationship therapy, specialising in strengthening complicated or fraught relationships between adults. I believe that for most, relationships are profound when it comes to the meaning of life; the relationships you did or didnt have with your caregivers; your siblings and peers. And as you grow the intimate relationships you forge into adulthoot. Every relationship has a dynamic and these dynamics can lead to resentment, difficult feelings and more. The question is, how to navigate through all this.

And lastly when thinkning about relationships, the relationship you have with yourself...



Relationship Therapy

-Perhaps you and your partner are trying to get on the same page with regard to the future of your relationship i.e working to stay together or working to separate
-Or maybe you have lost hope in your relationship and feel stuck, because you cant communicate
-Everything is fraught and arguments are rarely resolved
-Or you feel so disconnected you have forgotten why you continue 
-Or it might be that your relationship has suffered a sudden, specific incident such as an affair or a death
-It could also be that you are experiencing a loss in your desire and attraction

As a Couples Therapist I will be guiding you towards a steady, safe foundation from where you can explore your dynamic & communication style, alongside the context of what is important for you as individuals within your relationship. My sessions can be structured, with exercises and tools, or you might wish to let things unfold more organically.

In line with my training in the Develepmental Model I am interested in the stages of relationships; First there is the Simbiotoc stage (often referred to as the 'honeymoon phase') where couples become 'we'. After this can come several different stages such as 'Differentiation' and 'Practicing'. Perhaps you would like to discover which stage you are in? And is your partner in the same stage?


Diversity Statement
I want to take the chance here to mention inclusivity and uniquenss. Some parts of your identity will not be obvious, some of them might be more so, such as ethnicity or disability. But whatever makes you - you, you are welcome to get in touch. I want to be inclusive and welcoming whatever race, background, gender identity (sis, non binary, gender fluid, gender neutral, transgender, trans), sexuality (straight, gay, LGTBQ, pan, bi) and perference (non sexual, vanilla, BDSM, kink), relationship status (dating, single, solo, married, sepetrated, divorced, open, monogamous, unsure), physical or mental health condition and anything else ive missed here.

I have worked with individuals, accross the spectrum of identity and uniquness mentioned above. And I am committed to continuing to educate myself in areas where I am less aware. You can always tell me if I miss something important about you, or make a mistake which you feel is insensitive or uneducated. Please call me 'in'.

Online therapy

I meet with people on line, on Zoom. Since moving my practice to working online, I have been surprised that how similar it feels to meeting with people face-to-face. When I have asked clients, they have said the same.

Once you have confirmed a session with me I will send you the link to my personl room on Zoom

Qualifications and registrations

  • Diploma in Higher Education – Gestalt and Humanistic Counselling
  • Certificate, Counselling Skills - Gestalt
  • Level 1 & Advanced Level 2 Couples Counselling - Integrative
  • Certificate, working with children - Gestalt



I trained in Gestalt, graduation in 2006. Gestalt is a Humanistic model of Therapy. One way to understand Gestalt Therapy is to see a person and their experiences as a whole made up of many parts. Rather than isolating these many parts from one another, I would invite you see how they all make up one whole. 'Everything is connected'.

In the past few years I took the plunge into relationship training, and I've not looked back since, there is nothing I would rather do. I trained integratively, but I lean into the Developmental model, developed by Ellyn Badfer and Peter Pearson.


Couples I have worked with have come to see me with a range of issues, such as

  • Struggles with Communication
  • Struggles with Intimacy
  • Insecurities
  • Sexual Differences
  • Co-Parenting
  • Betrayal / Emotional or Physical Infidelity
  • Different Life Stages / Different Values and Beliefs
  • Traumatic Situations
  • Jealousy
  • and so much more


Most common issues I support people with:

-Communication / conflict / conflict avoidance
-Betrayal / secrets 
-Sexual differentiation
-'To stay together, or not to stay together'


Couples Therapy:
75 minutes £110

Individuals Therapy:
50 minutes £75

Please Note: I am currently very full. It is still worth you reaching out to me. If I do not have something that suits you now, you will be welcome to join my waitlist. Thank you


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