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Person centred counselling - Burnley - Catherine
Relationship Counselling Burnley
Scott st
BB12 Burnley
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Catherine | Person centred counselling

Relationship Counselling Burnley

I strive to help couples heal and move past from emotional crisis in their life through my specialities. Let my expertise with my gentle and caring nature help you and your partner. So you can get through the challenges your facing right now and move towards a more peaceful and joyful future together.

I have a deep passion for helping couples through the emotional impact that causes you problems in your life bringing many people to heal emotional wounds to reconnect with life and move forward to a happier life.

I help couples attain a happier healthier and more rewarding life. I also believe a better way forward is by acknowledging what you want and looking at how you are going to achieve this with a qualified counsellor.

I also believe that the couples basic needs are the utmost importance, therefore, I offer a non-judgemental, empathic honest and genuine counselling approach with a safe place to open up and share their stories which have brought them to contact a counsellor today.

My particular specialities in Couple Counselling is conflict in couples. I counsel all types of couples, same sex couples, couples who call themselves boyfriend and girlfriend, Even friends can call on me if they have a problem in their relationship.

Are you ready to change your lives and repair your connection with the other person?

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Online therapy

I work online using zoom/skype. I also offer talk therapy on the telephone.This has proved to be very popular with my clients. During the Covid Pandemic I am continueing  to do this type of counselling along with face to face counselling.

There are many benefits to working online, Such as :

* You can work with any counsellor from anywhere in the country giving you choice and also added anoymity.

* No need to travel as you can be in the comfort of your own home. 

* If you have children we can work at a time when they are occupied or in bed. An added incentive as you will not have to arrange child care.

Qualifications and registrations

  • Level 4 diploma in Person centred counselling
  • Accreditation with NCS working towards accreditation with BACP. 



Couples counselling session £60 per hour
Single counselling session £40 per hour

Availability (Opening hours)

Monday 9am to 10pm
Tuesday 9am to 10pm
Wednesday 9am to 10pm
Thursday 9am to 10pm
Friday 9am to 10pm
Saturday 9am to 12 midday
Sunday 9am to 12 midday



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A safe, respectful environment

Catherine has been able to provide the means and methods for my partner & I to improve communications between us.

Catherine provides a safe, respectful environment where we both feel free to talk openly about some of the challenges life's thrown at us, and which at times gets between us. By doing so we've found that we are much more open with each other and can talk things through better, especially as we are both very different people and handle communications & stress quite differently.


Catherine has very much been an integral part and enabler for us to get through some tough times and improve our relationship together, thank you Catherine.

| Rawtenstall | 21 Feb 2024
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Would highly recommend

Great service really helped me work through my problems. Service was excellent and completely person centred. Would highly recommend. X

| 15 Jul 2021
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